8351 Talbot Trail

The sun is rising as I sit looking out the front picture window, and it is a picture indeed. I am calmer than I was last night.

We are moving. Not all at once but gradually, yesterday was a plant moving day. We were supposed to be moving many of my large and apparently some small plants. I had in my mind picked which to bring but while I was getting ready Bill had picked a lot more than I had, so I said to myself – OK – why not it has to be done. (hesitation)
It was biting cold yesterday so I covered them all in the back of the trailer, apologized to them for the disruption and hoped for the best. We backed in the driveway after a five hour drive through snow streamers, white outs and finally sunshine. As fast as we could we took each plant caringly into the house not worrying about open doors (as we usually do when it is cold out).

After finishing unloading I came in to take a peak to see how they were doing after the trip. Some of these I have been growing for a really long time (more than fifteen years) some not so much. They were pretty shocked, I had never moved them in winter, and some were frozen. I admit I did cry. Of course Bill my pragmatist says “you can grow more”, and yes I know he is right but last night it felt like much more than the death of some plants.

As we move ? miles and ? weather zones to a small town far from what we know to something new away from friends and family (to new friends and family) it felt very much like much more than just losing some plants but also losing a part of my life.

Now as I watch the sun sneak out from behind the clouds I remember why we have decided to make this massive life change.
We are moving to the country. “Deep Sigh”

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