Get It Done Girl



Who I Am

About a year ago I moved about five hours from home and family to a place we found in the country.  My husband had retired the year before and we came up with a plan to raise bees and grow things.  Flowers, trees,vegetables and herbs.

I have never been real good at sitting still to long and my former business as a Virtual Assistant did not seem quite as in demand here in Blenheim.

With extra time on my hands I started perusing Pinterest and getting ideas of things to do.  Not a new thing for me, I have always dabbled in trying new things, creating, re-purposing, inventing.

With an entirely (new to me) house that needed some love and care I have been busy and it has been hard to keep to just one project but I am doing my best.

Where once I created websites I am now creating new things out of old things.

More to Come