Finally finished

This was a long project but I think it turned out not too bad.  A few details.  I washed the entire desk with Vineger and water.  I did not strip it, at all.  Paint is Bluestone House; French Country Vintage.

I covered that with one coat of Diamond Wood Finish (Water Based) Crystal Clear satin.  The top was created with 2 x 2's glued together butcher block style.  Sanded with Palm sander and a touch of Stain to create some different levels.  Three coats of Varathane and two coats of polurethane to make it easy to keep clean.

Just over a month to finish this project, I did not work continuously but a bit every day...some days was more about figuring stuff out or picking stuff up and of course drying time. I meant to keep a log but never did



progress report

I have been working on the desk/island and am making some progress.  I am somewhere in the middle I suppose.  washed and painted the desk but was not happy with the appearance of the back so added some pine tongue and groove.  Now I am ready to create the bottom before I finalize the top.  I think creating the shelf and feet under is going to be a bit of a challenge; I could buy feet at Home Depot for seventeen dollars a piece but that  would be too easy  so I am now in the process of trying to create something that will work and still be attractive.

While it is a bigger project than I have taken on so far I am super stoked to start my next one so will be working hard to finish and move forward.


It has been a slow start to the next project although I am excited to see the finished product.  We have been working outside mostly and have the deck and greenhouse finished.  Gardens are growing and planning for Bill’s shed is underway.

Between digging and watering though I am starting on my next Kitchen Island. Here is the before and I will leave the after to your imagination.

back a bit later with some in progress photos

dresser update

I finally finished my dresser to Island project,  it took a while as outside projects beckoned so did not work continuously.  Getting the veneer off proved to be a lot more difficult than I thought or had read but I discovered leaving a damp towel on overnight really sped up the process.  Also had a hard time matching the colour of the top of the dresser to match to the shelves, but I still think it turned out not too bad.  Now for clean up and get ready for my next project.  A desk makeover.  I will keep you posted


From dresser to island

I have finished painting the upstairs and am ready to start taking on a few of the projects I have had on the back burner.  One project I am looking forward to is taking an old dresser I have had forever.  It belonged to my grandmother and turning it into a kitchen Island.

The drawers have swollen and shrunk so many times they just didn’t slide anymore so I have been looking for a way to repurpose this much loved piece of furniture.  Have done some research and here I go…wish me luck.

Guest Bed

We have been starting to get things done in and around the house now that I am finally home for real. One of my projects I have been wanting to do is build a bed frame using the old barn board that I used to create a fake bed frame for staging our Barrie home for sale and this thanksgiving weekend Bill was up for helping me. As he likes to say I visualize and he makes it happen. We are a good team.

Finished  Bed


Pretend bed on left (could not sleep on this bed)

8351 Talbot Trail

The sun is rising as I sit looking out the front picture window, and it is a picture indeed. I am calmer than I was last night.

We are moving. Not all at once but gradually, yesterday was a plant moving day. We were supposed to be moving many of my large and apparently some small plants. I had in my mind picked which to bring but while I was getting ready Bill had picked a lot more than I had, so I said to myself – OK – why not it has to be done. (hesitation)
It was biting cold yesterday so I covered them all in the back of the trailer, apologized to them for the disruption and hoped for the best. We backed in the driveway after a five hour drive through snow streamers, white outs and finally sunshine. As fast as we could we took each plant caringly into the house not worrying about open doors (as we usually do when it is cold out).

After finishing unloading I came in to take a peak to see how they were doing after the trip. Some of these I have been growing for a really long time (more than fifteen years) some not so much. They were pretty shocked, I had never moved them in winter, and some were frozen. I admit I did cry. Of course Bill my pragmatist says “you can grow more”, and yes I know he is right but last night it felt like much more than the death of some plants.

As we move ? miles and ? weather zones to a small town far from what we know to something new away from friends and family (to new friends and family) it felt very much like much more than just losing some plants but also losing a part of my life.

Now as I watch the sun sneak out from behind the clouds I remember why we have decided to make this massive life change.
We are moving to the country. “Deep Sigh”