Finally finished

This was a long project but I think it turned out not too bad.  A few details.  I washed the entire desk with Vineger and water.  I did not strip it, at all.  Paint is Bluestone House; French Country Vintage.

I covered that with one coat of Diamond Wood Finish (Water Based) Crystal Clear satin.  The top was created with 2 x 2's glued together butcher block style.  Sanded with Palm sander and a touch of Stain to create some different levels.  Three coats of Varathane and two coats of polurethane to make it easy to keep clean.

Just over a month to finish this project, I did not work continuously but a bit every day...some days was more about figuring stuff out or picking stuff up and of course drying time. I meant to keep a log but never did



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